Charlie Lane, Palma, 72444,
P.O Box 16, Quatre Bornes,
Republic of Mauritius
Tel: +230 427 6778,
Fax: +230 424 1539
Email: explast@intnet.mu

About Our Plastic Production Company in Mauritius

Providing quality and consistency in its unprecedented service, Explast Ltd is one of the leading packaging and producing companies of high quality printed plastic packaging and polybag in Mauritius. Established in 1984, for over 24 years, the company’s continuous change and expansion has had a strong impact on the plastic manufacturing industry in Mauritius and Explast has now started to lead the way in its industry. We provide you with an assortment of plastic films and bags of different substrates such as LDPE, PE, PP, HDPE, (as well as laminated substrates to suit your application). We have the expertise and the competitive advantage in producing of plastic bags, packaging, films, tubing, and shrink packaging in the plastic industry.

Pursuing its expansion, Explast has recently developed a new activity into Paper Packaging. Explast covers a wide range of possibilities for paper-based packaging. As a fact we are specialised in customising packaging for food items, tissue paper, medicines, candies and more. From plain to printed folded paper boxes, we try our best to exhibit your choices and objectives in our designs with a promise to satisfy your customer demands.

We are a customer centric company and so we set high performance goals as a firm to accomplish greater client satisfaction thus, winning their trust and loyalty. With the commitment to exceptional quality, cost effective management and delivery within short time scales, Explast has earned its hallmark reputation and is therefore a preferred partner by many local and International brands. We keep ourselves updated and enlightened with today’s business demands. At Explast we maintain an active awareness of the latest research and development in order to advise on attitude towards plastic packaging in terms of sustainability, product safety and environment. A proof of Explast’s reliability is the ISO-9001-2008, ISO-140001 and EPI (EPI is biodegradable certification for “A Greener Environment) certifications that it holds. We value and focus on customer service a lot and can deliver conveniently to the region on time. I you have any kind of queries or comments feel free t contact us. Get a quote from us today.

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