Biodegradable paper bags interesting facts

Biodegradable paper bags are important – Learn some interesting facts!

biodegradable paper bags

Biodegradable paper bags are used as an alternative to plastic bags. Many people might still wonder what is so special about paper bags? Why not use biodegradable plastics rather than paper bags? In short, why paper bags? We have been focusing so far on the crafts and uses of biodegradable paper bags but now let’s talk about some interesting facts about paper bags and reasons why consumers and businesses should consider paper bags.

Why biodegradable?

Because it can be decomposed by bacteria and by other living organisms which help in preserving the nature. Compared to our paper bags, other bags take approximately 10 to 100 years to decompose while paper bags take up to 1 to 4 months. It has been found that customers are more likely using the same paper bags several times. Now, how to know if the paper bag is biodegradable? There are symbols that are taken into account when purchasing biodegradable paper bags. The renewable, biodegradable, reusable and most importantly the recyclable symbol.  An approximate amount of 34% prefers grocery bags that are made from paper.


How are paper bags eco-friendly when tons of trees are being cut? The answer to this million dollar question is that, for each tree that is harvested, two to three more trees are planted. Cellulose fiber found in the paper enables recycling up to six times before the paper bags are composted. In other words, the recycling nature of the paper bags helps in reducing pollution caused by landfills.  A certain amount of fibers are usually incorporated in the paper to increase its strength and quality. When speaking of strength and quality, kraft paper bags are known to be strong due to the virgin fibers that are incorporated thus making the bag reusable numerous times.


paper process

Photo Credit: The Responsible Packaging Website

Resources used for biodegradable paper bags

It is not new that biodegradable paper bags have been fabricated to create a more sustainable world. The main resource used for the paper bag is wood which is renewable and ever-growing which shows that less energy is being used to produce paper bags. The fact that biodegradable paper bags have natural compostable characteristics, it makes it safer plus it does not harm pets, marine and wildlife lives. Paper bags are basically considered as the key factor to develop a brand image for a business. The fact that more and more people are now eco-friendly, biodegradable paper bags are much appreciated by customers as they understand the benefits and importance that come along with it.


How can our biodegradable paper bags help your brand? It is worth noted that paper bags help you engage with consumers as well as enhance the image of your brand. The benefits of our paper bags are listed as below:

1) Enables you carry a good quantity of purchased goods

2) Acts as a cost-effective promoter for your brand

3) Adapts to social and legal values


Our paper bags help brands achieve certain objectives such as delivering sustainable bags, advertising their products, improving delivery methods, contribute to customer culture and much more. Below are some important statistics you might want to consider:

consumers paper bag

Be it white paper bags or brown ones, paper bags help brands develop creativity and boost their brand image due to the shape and texture of the paper. Paper bag is recognized as a low-priced advertising for brands which can help in raising awareness. With our custom and personalized paper bags, we help brands satisfy and please their customers. In other words, our bags can help in creating a bond between your brand and your customers. Our biodegradable paper is indeed the perfect packaging for your products, be it clothes, groceries, medicinal products, foods and much more.

To conclude, there are many reasons as to why one should use biodegradable paper bags. Opt for paper bags and contribute to a safer environment. Send us your order now!