Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic – What should we know?

Oxo-Biodegradable! What is it and what does it mean? Let's talk about some general environmental issues first. You must be aware of the fact that plastic products or plastic litters have been affecting almost all the countries around the world due to which some countries have completely banned the use of plastic altogether. The motto ‘reduce and recycle’ has always been there since. What if there's hope? What if plastic no longer affects the environment as it used to? What…


Plastic eating enzyme! The new hope discovered!

Photo Credit: My City Magazine Plastic eating enzyme - the newly found solution for plastic pollution crisis. The accumulation of plastic products has undoubtedly affected our surroundings in numerous ways. Plastic wastes are discarded every day and almost everywhere, be it on our roads, oceans, rivers and lands. Plastic waste in other word is considered as an environmental pollutant. Millions of plastic products are bought around the world, drink plastic packaging, food plastic packaging, plastic bottles and much more which…


biodegradable paper bags

Biodegradable paper bags interesting facts

Biodegradable paper bags are important - Learn some interesting facts! Biodegradable paper bags are used as an alternative to plastic bags. Many people might still wonder what is so special about paper bags? Why not use biodegradable plastics rather than paper bags? In short, why paper bags? We have been focusing so far on the crafts and uses of biodegradable paper bags but now let’s talk about some interesting facts about paper bags and reasons why consumers and businesses should…


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Recycled Paper Bag Christmas Decoration Ideas!

5 Recycled Paper Bag Christmas Decoration Ideas! Few days left for Christmas. While some are busy doing shopping, some are busy cleaning and decorating their houses. Our recycled paper bag is always present where there's a need for decoration. From lunch paper bag crafts to Halloween crafts, recycled paper bags are a great way to display your creativity and do some budget savings as well. Our recycled paper bag can do way much more than just being used as shopping…


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Paper bag decoration for birthday parties

6 DIY paper bag decoration  Paper bag decoration comes in handy when hosting a birthday party. What comes to your mind when you think of using paper bags to decorate your house or a party? Think of the amazing DIY you can create and craft using our paper bags. There is a lot do to and to spend when there is a birthday party. Plates, papers, plastics, clothes, foods and much more generate trash which is annoying indeed. Our paper…


Eco-friendly paper bags – 14 best ways to use it!

Clever Uses of Eco-friendly paper bags Do you have a pile of eco-friendly paper bags at home lying somewhere tucked under your kitchen table or stashed away in your cupboard? If yes, well then it is time for you to remove them and start creating some beautiful and innovative crafts that would be helpful to you. There are various ways that our paper bags can be useful to you. Be it craft projects or household, party and office solutions, our…


Plain Paper Bags – Our New Favorite Cooking Tool!

Plain Paper Bags Cookery Ever thought of using plain paper bags as your cooking tool? It may sound crazy and you may have questions like "What is it even possible? Is it safe? Won't the paper bag burn?" etc etc. Crazy as it may sound, paper bag cookery is a real thing, not to confuse with 'en papillote'. Paper bag cookery is cooking food in actual sealed paper bags whereas 'en papillote' refers to food being cooked and served in…


Kraft paper bags! Is it important to your business?    

   How Kraft paper bags can be important to your business?     Kraft paper bags are basically used for packaging solutions. Businesses are always on the lookout of a refined packaging to make their products look good and for a better brand image. Kraft paper bags are known to be a flexible packaging option as well as a durable one for brand's products.  You must have noticed that spices, pastries, bread, dried fruits, and nuts are packed in paper bags.…


Brown paper bags for your Halloween crafts!

Use our brown paper bags for your Halloween crafts! Gather all your brown paper bags, Halloween is on its way! Halloween is an occasion celebrated each year on 31st of October in several countries. Originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, on this day, people light bonfires outside their house and would wear scary costumes, this was done with the sole intention of warding off ghosts. It was more like a ritual they had to follow. We are now…


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Why should brands shift to eco-friendly packaging?

Eco-friendly Packaging! What about it? You must have heard about it numerous times and decided to shift to eco-friendly bags. Let’s dig a little deeper about this type of packaging. Sustainable packaging is not only a trend but as well as a necessity. Consumers leaving their favourite retail stores with their clothes in personalized paper bags, keeping bread or foods in eco-friendly takeaways and now that they are also considering eco-friendly gift bags, this shift has somehow become a part…