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Why should brands shift to eco-friendly packaging?

Eco-friendly Packaging! What about it? You must have heard about it numerous times and decided to shift to eco-friendly bags. Let’s dig a little deeper about this type of packaging. Sustainable packaging is not only a trend but as well as a necessity. Consumers leaving their favourite retail stores with their clothes in personalized paper bags, keeping bread or foods in eco-friendly takeaways and now that they are also considering eco-friendly gift bags, this shift has somehow become a part of their routine life. Eco-conscious packaging is used for several products be it for bakery, meat, fruits, foods, medical products, and much more. Eventually, consumers are using eco-friendly products and choosing green packaging in an attempt to make a difference.  


How does all of this have an impact on brands?  

More and more brands are now opting for green packaging and consider it as their responsibility to find the right packaging for their customers. Before reaching the conclusion as to why should brands shift to eco packaging, let us have a look at some basic facts on this type of packaging. Eco-friendly packaging or you may say ‘earth friendly’ packaging is derived from recycled materials which prevent the waste of natural resources. Eco-friendly paper bags are highly biodegradable. Biodegradable packaging is made from renewable raw materials which are safe in production and can be decomposed back, therefore helping in conserving resources such as energy and water.  


Why should brands opt for sustainable packaging?  

Brands are adopting eco-friendly packaging that would have less of an impact on the ecosystem. Other than being harmless to our natural surroundings, there are several benefits when opting for this type of packaging. One important benefit of switching to an environmentally friendly packaging is that it will have an impact on your targeted customers. The eco-friendly topic has become a common buzz among the audience, thus increasing the demands for personalized paper bags, brown paper bags, printed paper bags and other green packagings in the market.


Customers are more and more eco-conscious hence, they are turning to brands offering them eco-friendly products. Due to their self-catering nature and their commitment towards the environment, customers are insisting that brands should be conscious about eco-friendly packaging, resulting in pulling customers closer to them. Considering and using eco-conscious packaging is just another step to attracting and retaining your targeted audience. Sustainable packaging improves your brand’s image and well as its reputation, thus leading to an increase in sales and maximising profits. Recyclable and renewable materials can be advantageous to both the customers and the brand.


Our goal is to design and to create appealing eco-conscious packaging helping both the audience and brands to maintain sustainability. The fact that green packaging can be recycled, reused and is biodegradable, the environment would not be harmed.  Carrying plastic bags when doing our groceries and shopping, the act of storing big plastics bags filled with other small plastic bags, this used to be part of our norm and culture. In the advent of changing this norm, ecological paper bags became prominent and were promoted in several countries, including Mauritius. Here are some highlights on how your brand can adopt our eco-friendly packaging for their products:


eco-conscious packaging

Eco-friendly carton boxes: Our carton boxes be it candy boxes, tissue paper boxes, food boxes, medical boxes, gifts boxes and much more are made from recycled materials. Our high plain and printed carton boxes vary according to sizes and shapes. These boxes are personalized and designed to meet your needs, to ensure the safety of our natural surroundings and to promote your brand.  

Eco-friendly bags and gift paper bags: When packing your products, it is important to know if the packaging is safe to you and to your customers. We offer you with ‘biodegradable plastic’ and use friendly paper bags which customers can use occasionally. Our packaging bags are not just user-friendly but most importantly it guarantees the safety of your products, your brand’s reputation, and your customers’ convenience.

Eco-friendly cups: If you are for eco-friendly products, then our environmentally friendly cups are what you are looking for. From coffee shops to restaurants, our wide range of quality paper cup meets the requirements of our clients. Our paper cups are recyclable, eco-friendly and are designed and customized as per your brand’s needs, making it ideal for both cold and hot beverages.   


What you need to know about the eco-friendly packaging is that:

  • Using paper bags, paper cups or any other eco-friendly products help in preserving our nature a little longer than we may think.  
  • This type of packaging does not contribute to land, air and water pollution.  
  • Derived and made from natural resources, the eco packaging does not cause any health issues compared to plastic and artificial products.  



Keeping in mind the safety of the natural surroundings and our clients’ needs, Explast Ltd offers the best in eco-friendly quality packaging. Our packaging is not only 100% ecological but as well as biodegradable. Our team and experts in eco-conscious packaging deliver the best suitable for your boutiques, retail stores, takeaways and gift shops as per your needs and packaging solutions.  Make eco-friendly packaging a must. Don’t just consider it, make it your PRIORITY!

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