Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic – What should we know?

Oxo-Biodegradable! What is it and what does it mean? Let’s talk about some general environmental issues first. You must be aware of the fact that plastic products or plastic litters have been affecting almost all the countries around the world due to which some countries have completely banned the use of plastic altogether. The motto ‘reduce and recycle’ has always been there since. What if there’s hope? What if plastic no longer affects the environment as it used to? What if we could still use plastic without causing damage to our natural surroundings? You must have come across the term biodegradable. As we go eco-friendly, our customers’ demand for sustainable products such as bioplastic, paper bags and paper takeaways keep on growing. This is where Oxo-biodegradable plastic bags come in.

Here, at Explast Ltd, we are pleased to announce our latest production of Oxo-biodegradable Plastic. Oxo-biodegradable plastic is known as a degradable plastic; in other words, this type of plastic is easily bio-degraded and does not take years to get destroyed. You must be wondering how is it possible since actual plastic takes over more than 100 years to degrade. These plastics are locally produced from LDPE, PP or HDPE in combination with well renowned UK produced Oxo-biodegradable additive d2W. It is the d2w that makes the plastic biodegradable. As such, “the d2w accelerates the natural process of oxidation until the product itself is no longer a plastic but a material which can be bio-assimilated (i.e used as a food source) by bacteria and fungi on land or sea  (symphony environmental, 2019)”. The finished product is of high clarity and food-safe.


Is the Oxo-Biodegradable plastic same as regular plastic?

Oxo-biodegradable plastic is as durable as regular plastic but degrades much faster. Compared to regular plastic bags, when exposed to sunlight, heat, oxygen and microorganisms found in landfills, this causes the bag to degrade easily. In comparison with our traditional plastics, the final product, bags, or rolls will disintegrate within a period of 12-18 months. This process is completely different from the previous methods that were used to degrade plastic bags. However, the estimated days may vary for the oxo-biodegradable plastic to degrade since it depends on the amount of time it is exposed to the elements mentioned above such as sunlight, heat, and microorganisms. If the oxo-biodegradable bags are kept inside, it is very unlikely that it will receive any kind of exposure due to which it will last much longer and will remain usable for years when stored indoors. The oxo-biodegradable bags degradation process is almost the same as paper bags. We usually don’t find paper bags degrade indoors but when it becomes part of litters, it degrades quickly due to exposure and continues to fragment until it is small enough for microorganisms to ingest it.

What makes the Oxo-biodegradable plastic so different from regular plastic bags? There are various benefits of using Oxo-biodegradable plastic. The oxo-biodegradable plastic is the same in terms of quality, flexibility, optical properties, aesthetics, texture and strength when compared to regular plastic bags but it will last longer if kept indoors and will degrade quickly when it becomes litter. This type of plastic is recyclable compared to regular plastic bags.

Should you be interested in our new Oxo-Biodegradable plastic bag which is in line with our “Eco-Conscious Packaging” initiatives, please do not hesitate to contact us for free samples or get a quotation.

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Plastic eating enzyme! The new hope discovered!

plastic pollutionPhoto Credit: My City Magazine

Plastic eating enzyme – the newly found solution for plastic pollution crisis. The accumulation of plastic products has undoubtedly affected our surroundings in numerous ways. Plastic wastes are discarded every day and almost everywhere, be it on our roads, oceans, rivers and lands. Plastic waste in other word is considered as an environmental pollutant. Millions of plastic products are bought around the world, drink plastic packaging, food plastic packaging, plastic bottles and much more which at the end of the day is leading to an environmental crisis and is more harmful as ever for us and for the environment.


Have a sustainable tour around the country, go to the river or to the beach and take the initiative to clean the environment. How many thrash do you think you will be able to pick in one hour? The answer would be countless, and most of the thrash would be something made of plastic. Plastic bags are designed to last for a very long time and are not degradable, but the time has come to get rid of this issue. This is where the super fast plastic eating enzyme comes into play. Found in Japanese dump and produced by a bacteria, it was discovered that enzyme has the ability to break plastic down.


Professor John McGeehan and his colleagues from the University of Portsmouth created the plastic eating enzyme. It has been found that the chemical substance has the potential to recover and recycle plastics, and can help fight against plastic pollution crisis. What does the enzyme do? Scientists have engineered the enzyme with the goal to use it to digest polyethylene terephthalate or PET. PET is basically a type of plastic which is used to manufacture plastic bottles. The enzyme is said to have been improved, made faster and better than the natural one, in doing so, the enzyme now accelerates the degradation process of the plastic.

plastic eating enzyme A high definition 3D-model of the enzyme was created using a powerful X-ray beamline. Credit: The Times


Strong as it is, PET used in bottles take years to break down and eventually becomes harmful to the environment. With the newly found solution, it has been tested that the improved version of the enzyme can break the PET materials in just a few days. “Although the improvement is modest, this unanticipated discovery suggests that there is room to further improve these enzymes, moving us closer to a recycling solution for the ever-growing mountain of discarded plastics.” Further improvements are being made to the plastic eating enzyme so as it can break down plastics in a fraction of the time, the scientists from the University of Portsmouth stated.

What Scientist Are Saying About The Plastic Eating Enzyme

“There is an urgent need to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the landfill and the environment, and I think if we can adopt these technologies we actually have a potential solution in the future to doing that” Professor McGeehan added. Various awareness campaigns were launched regarding plastic pollution crisis, local efforts were asked and in some countries, the use of plastic was banned to help fight this crisis. “We can all play a significant part in dealing with the plastic problem,” they added. “But the scientific community who ultimately created these ‘wonder-materials’ must now use all the technology at their disposal to develop real solutions.” This plastic eating enzyme brings new hope indeed!


At Explast Ltd, we provide sustainable paper bags with the initiative to support the environment. Have a look at the different paper bags we provide and how it might help here.

biodegradable paper bags

Biodegradable paper bags interesting facts

Biodegradable paper bags are important – Learn some interesting facts!

biodegradable paper bags

Biodegradable paper bags are used as an alternative to plastic bags. Many people might still wonder what is so special about paper bags? Why not use biodegradable plastics rather than paper bags? In short, why paper bags? We have been focusing so far on the crafts and uses of biodegradable paper bags but now let’s talk about some interesting facts about paper bags and reasons why consumers and businesses should consider paper bags.

Why biodegradable?

Because it can be decomposed by bacteria and by other living organisms which help in preserving the nature. Compared to our paper bags, other bags take approximately 10 to 100 years to decompose while paper bags take up to 1 to 4 months. It has been found that customers are more likely using the same paper bags several times. Now, how to know if the paper bag is biodegradable? There are symbols that are taken into account when purchasing biodegradable paper bags. The renewable, biodegradable, reusable and most importantly the recyclable symbol.  An approximate amount of 34% prefers grocery bags that are made from paper.


How are paper bags eco-friendly when tons of trees are being cut? The answer to this million dollar question is that, for each tree that is harvested, two to three more trees are planted. Cellulose fiber found in the paper enables recycling up to six times before the paper bags are composted. In other words, the recycling nature of the paper bags helps in reducing pollution caused by landfills.  A certain amount of fibers are usually incorporated in the paper to increase its strength and quality. When speaking of strength and quality, kraft paper bags are known to be strong due to the virgin fibers that are incorporated thus making the bag reusable numerous times.


paper process

Photo Credit: The Responsible Packaging Website

Resources used for biodegradable paper bags

It is not new that biodegradable paper bags have been fabricated to create a more sustainable world. The main resource used for the paper bag is wood which is renewable and ever-growing which shows that less energy is being used to produce paper bags. The fact that biodegradable paper bags have natural compostable characteristics, it makes it safer plus it does not harm pets, marine and wildlife lives. Paper bags are basically considered as the key factor to develop a brand image for a business. The fact that more and more people are now eco-friendly, biodegradable paper bags are much appreciated by customers as they understand the benefits and importance that come along with it.


How can our biodegradable paper bags help your brand? It is worth noted that paper bags help you engage with consumers as well as enhance the image of your brand. The benefits of our paper bags are listed as below:

1) Enables you carry a good quantity of purchased goods

2) Acts as a cost-effective promoter for your brand

3) Adapts to social and legal values


Our paper bags help brands achieve certain objectives such as delivering sustainable bags, advertising their products, improving delivery methods, contribute to customer culture and much more. Below are some important statistics you might want to consider:

consumers paper bag

Be it white paper bags or brown ones, paper bags help brands develop creativity and boost their brand image due to the shape and texture of the paper. Paper bag is recognized as a low-priced advertising for brands which can help in raising awareness. With our custom and personalized paper bags, we help brands satisfy and please their customers. In other words, our bags can help in creating a bond between your brand and your customers. Our biodegradable paper is indeed the perfect packaging for your products, be it clothes, groceries, medicinal products, foods and much more.

To conclude, there are many reasons as to why one should use biodegradable paper bags. Opt for paper bags and contribute to a safer environment. Send us your order now!

recycled paper bag

Recycled Paper Bag Christmas Decoration Ideas!

5 Recycled Paper Bag Christmas Decoration Ideas!

recycled paper bag

Few days left for Christmas. While some are busy doing shopping, some are busy cleaning and decorating their houses. Our recycled paper bag is always present where there’s a need for decoration. From lunch paper bag crafts to Halloween crafts, recycled paper bags are a great way to display your creativity and do some budget savings as well. Our recycled paper bag can do way much more than just being used as shopping or groceries bags.


Christmas Tree:

The first thing that comes to our mind is a Christmas tree. Almost everyone buys a Christmas tree and place it in their living room to decorate and to create that Christmas ambience, but did you know that you could create your own DIY Christmas tree using our recycled paper bag? Shocking as it may sound, if you decide to go full on eco-friendly and celebrate an eco Christmas, then a brown paper Christmas tree is a must. One can create a personalized Christmas paper tree to the size he or she wants. All depends on how big you want the tree to be. Thick and durable as it is, our recycled paper bag can hold to the shape you want it to be. So gather all the paper bags you have been getting from groceries and shopping and get going!  Here is a link to guide you on how you could craft your own Christmas paper tree.

Christmas Tree

(Photo credit: craftsalamode)


Recycled paper bag garland:

A garland is something that one would want to miss. No need to spend a fortune on expensive garlands anymore. Our recycled paper bag can be used to make some amazing DIY garland. You can customize the garlands as per your tastes and preferences. Stars, Gingerman, or triangles, the garland can be designed in various shapes one wishes. All you need is a pair of scissors, paint, glitters, glue, and rope to proceed with the garland craft. You can hang it on the wall next to your Christmas paper tree once completed. Here’s a link to help you creating Christmas garland: http://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/1007725/fall-paper-bag-crafts-for-kids.


Christmas card:

Don’t throw away the recycled paper bag that you have in stock. The texture and the brown color of the paper bags are beautiful enough to craft holiday Christmas decorations. The paper bags can be used to make party card invitations, birthday cards, and even cute paper bag Christmas cards. The fun part is when you get to paint it, draw on it, color and add other crafty decorations to the paper bag card. Close your eyes for a minute and think of how you want to design the Christmas card and get to work.


Paper bag gift wrapping:

Brown paper gift wrapping is far easier and cuter than that one buys from the store. It is a great way to save money when you have a pile of grocery bags or lunch bags at home. Our recycled paper bag can easily be combined with leftover wrapping paper gifts. Kraft paper gift wrap is used for oddly shaped gifts. One of the things that people love about Christmas is having tons of gifts wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree. Here’s a link to give you an idea on how kraft paper bag gift wrapping is indeed attractive and worth it: https://happyhooligans.ca/brown-paper-gift-wrap-idea/


Christmas Luminaries:

You are satisfied with your Christmas paper bags decoration and now you are left with an outdoor decoration. You’re thinking hard, scratching your head and thinking how could you use a recycled paper bag to decorate your garden.  You must have heard or come across luminary paper bags. If not, then get ready to be amazed by the wonders our paper bags can do. Looking for an easy outdoor decoration, keep a stock of lunch paper bags. Create beautifully designed holes and fill it with soil so that the bag does not fall or get flown away with winds. Put led candles in the bags and line them all the way to your front door. Why led candle? To avoid fire disasters. These luminary paper bags will welcome your guest is the most heartwarming way.

luminary bag

These were some of the decorative recycled paper bags that you could craft for Christmas. Our recycled paper bag gives you endless ideas and possibilities to craft some beautiful decors. On this note, as we speak of Christmas, it is known as the peak shopping season. People are buying clothes for their loved ones and for themselves. When it comes to Christmas, Explast Ltd provides you with a 100% eco-friendly recycled paper bag with a personalized Christmas design for you to please your customers. Have a look at our Christmas paper bag on this link and send us or order.


paper bag decoration

Paper bag decoration for birthday parties

6 DIY paper bag decoration 

paper bag decoration

Paper bag decoration comes in handy when hosting a birthday party. What comes to your mind when you think of using paper bags to decorate your house or a party? Think of the amazing DIY you can create and craft using our paper bags. There is a lot do to and to spend when there is a birthday party. Plates, papers, plastics, clothes, foods and much more generate trash which is annoying indeed. Our paper bag can help celebrate a green birthday as well do some savings.

Do you know that our paper bags can actually be used in various different ways when organizing a party? You must be wondering how? Let’s dig a little deeper to how our paper bags can help you organize a successful and awesome birthday event for your kids.

Paper bag birthday card invitation: 

The first thing we think of when hosting a birthday party is our guest list. As long as the names add up to the list, we start counting the number of card invitations needed. Believe it or not, card invitation from stores and libraries can be costly, especially if your guest list is long. If you have a stock of our paper bags piled up somewhere, you can start designing and personalizing your own invitation card. The card does not need to be big in size, it can be small and cute at the same time. Think about it! You will save money plus develop your inner crafting skills.

star decoration

Star paper bag decoration:

Star DIY decoration can be made from our paper lunch bag and fit perfectly to your birthday party. Quick and easy as it is, the paper stars can be hung from the ceiling as well as stuck to the wall. Plus the benefits one gets when using our white and kraft paper bag is that the bag can be personalized as per your taste. If you wish to draw, paint or do some beautiful design on the star paper bag decoration, it will make it even more unique. Hand them to your kids and let them bring out their artistic skills. The materials needed for the star decor are scissors, rulers, pencil or pen, paper lunch bag, thread, glue, paint and even glitters.  Here’s a link guiding you how to proceed with star paper bag decoration crafting: www.thesitsgirls.com/diy/giant-paper-bag-stars/

Crown paper bag decoration:

You are hosting a themed birthday party for your little princess and you are confused? No worries, our paper bags is to your rescue. Girls love fairy tales and love being treated like a princess. Why not fulfilling their wish? Give your little girl a princess outfit on her special day. The important part of the princess outfit is the crown. Kids love crafting more than you can imagine. Craft a crown for them using our paper bags and let them decorate it on their own. You’ll be amazed to see the wonders these little artists can actually do.

crown paper bag


Gift paper bag decoration:

You are invited to a birthday party, the party is just about to start and you do not have any gift wrapping paper. Remember the paper bag you got when purchasing your groceries? Grab it and start crafting your own gift wrapping paper. Glitters and paint will add an exceptional touch to it, making it even more special than expensive wrapping paper that we get from stores.

Goody paper bag decoration:

Resistant as it is, our paper bag is ideal to keep pastries and confectioneries. Sweets and pastries are often shared during birthday parties. Let your kids’ friends take home sweet desserts in personalized goody bags. This will make the birthday party of your little one even more unique. It is said snacks, pastries, and nuts are recommended to be kept in paper bags for their flavours and freshness to be retained.

paper bag

Thank you paper bag decoration:

To make your party even more exceptional, you can have thank you bags filled with treats and a sweet note.

These were just a few of the paper bag decoration one can use for a birthday party. The good thing about paper bags is that it can be used on many occasions. Paper bags can help celebrate an eco-friendly birthday.

Eco-friendly paper bags – 14 best ways to use it!

Clever Uses of Eco-friendly paper bags

eco-friendly paper bags

Do you have a pile of eco-friendly paper bags at home lying somewhere tucked under your kitchen table or stashed away in your cupboard? If yes, well then it is time for you to remove them and start creating some beautiful and innovative crafts that would be helpful to you. There are various ways that our paper bags can be useful to you. Be it craft projects or household, party and office solutions, our paper bags have proven to be useful on several different occasions for different purposes. Our eco-friendly bag is not just about recycling but also about reusing them. You can transform our eco-friendly paper bags into various amazing things that you might not have thought about.  

Textbook Cover and Copybook Cover:  

Parents do not need to buy book cover in libraries nowadays. With school starting in January, you can start stocking all the paper bags you receive from the market and use them as book covers for your kids’ school books. This way the book will be protected from any kind of dirt. You can also personalize the cover for your kids to love it even more and to differentiate their books from their schoolmates.   

Ripen your fruits with our eco-friendly paper bags:  

Another amazing benefit of using our eco-friendly paper bags is that it can be used to ripen your fruits. Place fruits like bananas, tomatoes, and avocados and seal the top of the bag. After a day or maybe two depending on the fruit, you will have ripe fruits ready to be eaten. This method is known as a basic kitchen trick. On a side note, when mushrooms are kept in an eco-friendly bag and stored in the fridge, it keeps the mushrooms fresh longer.   

Decorative Table Placemats:

You’ll be surprised to know that our eco-friendly paper bags are great to use as placemats. With a little of cutting and weaving, you can create beautiful placemat for your kitchen table when serving food.  

Your new cooking tool:

If you are on your way to camping, grab some eggs, bacon, and chicken and bring along some of our eco-friendly bags. Paper bags are considered as picnic utensil holder. Shocking as it may be, you can prepare your breakfast and even cook your dinner in our paper bags. Here’s how!

eco-friendly bags

No need for big machines to prepare Popcorn:

You can now prepare your own popcorn. Our eco-friendly paper bags give you the opportunity to prepare popcorn in five minutes. Yes, you read it right! Click on this link to know how to prepare a paper bag microwave popcorn.  

Paper Bag Vase:

And yes, you can easily display your flowers differently and beautifully using our eco-friendly paper bags. Again, you can personalize the paper vase. You don’t even have to gift your friend any glass vase. Soil or an empty bottle kept inside the bag will help the flowers to stay still.  

Create your own decorative wrapping gift paper:

Planning on giving someone a gift and you don’t have gift wrapping paper? No worries. We got you covered! No need to spend money, just take out your coloured pens, paints, ribbons, scissors, glue and other decorative materials that you can use to add your own personalized touch to the paper bag. Use our paper bags to wrap all your gifts. Christmas’ coming soon! Make the gift of your loved ones even more special by personalizing our eco-friendly paper bags.

Design your own Scrapbook:

Our eco-friendly paper bags come in handy when it concerns keeping all your favourite memories in an album. Instead of buying expensive scrapbook supplies, you can easily design your own scrapbook with our paper bags. Have a look at this video to have an idea on how you can craft your own scrapbook.

Festive luminaries paper bags:

Decorating your house on festive occasions like Divali, Halloween and Christmas have now become a norm. You can easily turn our eco-friendly paper bags into festive luminaries’. These luminaries will add an exceptional glow to your house or to the place you are hosting the party. Paper bags lanterns are ideal to create a wonderful atmosphere. Wondering how to create luminary bags. Have a look at this article here: http://bit.ly/2hUeQaG

Create our own decorative paper bags flowers and butterfly:

Decorating your home with our paper bags is another amazing clever use to discover. You can easily transform our paper bags into paper flowers and paper bags with the help of online tutorials. The paper bags decoration will look great wherever you place them.  

Envelopes of all sizes:

You can now create brown paper envelopes. Instead of using or buying the white ones, you can use our eco-friendly paper bags to craft one. You are free to choose the dimension or to add any kind of artwork on it. Brown paper bags envelopes look way many professionals than the white ones.  

eco-friendly bags

Your new wallet:

Your wallet is old and it’s time to get rid of it? Do it right away as you can now create your own wallet with the help of your eco-friendly paper bags. How? It is indeed possible. You can easily create one using our paper bags with fun fabrics, plain jeans, or shirt. It is a great way to reuse paper bags. Here’s an example of how you could create your own paper bag wallet:  http://bit.ly/2zzkf25  

Make a Kite for your kids:

Crazy as it may sound, you can actually create a kite for your kids with the help of our eco-friendly paper bags. Create holes in each corner of the bag, tie some strings and tie them together and decorate with markers, paints, stickers and other things you wish to add. Please add light decorations to the bags, else the bag will be too heavy to be able to fly in the wind. Throw the bag in the air and start guiding it with the help of the strings. The bag can easily trap the wind due to its open shape. Choose our paper bags if you want a perfect kite.  

Costumes and masks:

Our eco-friendly paper bags can make a great costume for you and your kids. They are useful especially on days like Halloween. Paper bags make are best suited for Halloween decoration, crafting, treat bags, costumes, and scary masks. Here’s a link guiding you how to use our paper bags on Halloween.  

There are many ideas of how you can use our eco-friendly paper bags. These are just a few of them that we listed here. Our paper bags can make wonders without you even realizing it. All you need to do it to remember that our paper bags have a lot of other uses than just being used for groceries or shopping. Now that you know how our paper bags can help you, you will surely start realizing the importance of paper bags in our daily life and thus wish that you had even more.  


Plain Paper Bags – Our New Favorite Cooking Tool!

Plain Paper Bags Cookery

plain paper bags

Ever thought of using plain paper bags as your cooking tool? It may sound crazy and you may have questions like “What is it even possible? Is it safe? Won’t the paper bag burn?” etc etc. Crazy as it may sound, paper bag cookery is a real thing, not to confuse with ‘en papillote’. Paper bag cookery is cooking food in actual sealed paper bags whereas ‘en papillote’ refers to food being cooked and served in a paper wrapper. Yes, hold that thought on, you are thinking that maybe you need to start keeping a stock of all the paper bags you get. Our paper bags are indeed worth stocking as you can use it for anything that might just pop up. It may be used for crafts, decoration, storing, cooking, events and much more. But for right now, let’s focus on ‘Paper Bag Cookery’ only.  

Paper bag cookery is accepted as a culture by many housewives. This cooking culture has been identified as the most efficient, cost-effective and simplest way of preparing food. Of course, it is worth noted that paper bags are not recommended to cook liquid food such as soup, noodles and much more. Paper bag cookery involves the cooking of food in an oven using paper bags which allow cooking in steam and hot air generated by its own juices. You’ll be amazed when you find out the advantages associated with paper bag cookery. Leftover lunch paper bags or grocery bags are great tools when it comes to preparing some delicious food recipes. You now have more reasons to stock all the plain paper bags you received from the market, shops or the bakery.  

plain paper bags cookery

Advantages of plain paper bags cookery

  • The flavour of the food is superior and nutritious than foods cooked in other ways.  
  • Cooking in paper bags save fuel.
  • Food cooked in paper bags take less time to cook than the one cooked in other methods.
  • The food can be prepared beforehand and stored in the bag overnight which will help in saving time when you get up early getting ready for work.
  • There’s no pots or saucepans to clean. No dishes to do, thus saving time again and as well as water and soap.  
  • The bag minimizes food odour, thus you can easily remain in the kitchen comfortably.  
  • Goodbye to greasy baking sheets, plates and pans. Cooking in paper bags save you from washing greasy utensils.
  • It is highly recommended to cook meat and chicken in paper bags as it makes the food more tender and palatable than you may think.  
  • Help in flavor and retain moisture.
  • Can be used for oven and bonfire when camping.
  • Common foods cooked in paper bags are turkey, steaks, bacon, eggs, popcorn, and apple pie.  

Now the big question. HOW TO COOK IN PAPER BAGS? WON’T IT BURN IN THE OVEN? No, the paper will not burn and your food won’t taste like paper. If you wish to cook in paper bags, here are some important things you might need to consider.  

Sealing of the plain paper bags

When placing food in plain paper bags, the bags must definitely be sealed since the key element of this cooking method lies in the removing the air completely and sealing up the flavour and juices for the food to cook in its own steam. Now, how to seal the bag in the safest way? You can use clips to seal the bag. Pins are not advisable as they might tear the bag, leading to hole which will result in letting air circulate in the bag. Be sure to use big pins as ordinary small pins can easily get lost in the process and this may cause damage to the food and to you. If goes unnoticed, the pins might mix with the food and you swallowing it when eating. So be safe people. Use big clips instead as it is safer. Threads can also be used to tie the bags.  

Greasing the paper bags

Greasing the bag is important to remember. Some people think that they need to grease the bag inside and outside and some do not bother to grease the bag at all. Yet, it is important to grease the bag inside when cooking foods like meat or chicken or else the food might stick to the bag which you will not like. It is advisable not to grease the paper bags with butter as it will give the food a bad colour. To know if the food is cooked, you need to press the bag with your finger, if it feels tender then the food is ready to be served!

How to use the oven when using paper bags?

You must keep in mind that when using this method of cooking, the bag must not be kept in the lowest grid as it might catch flames. Also, the oven should be heated at least 180° Celsius before putting the food in it. It is important for the air to circulate in the oven and around the bag. It is recommended to keep the paper bag on the top grid found on top of the oven. The second grid is also convenient to put the paper bag if your oven is big enough. If the bag is kept on a hot solid surface, the cooking will be a failure and the bag will likely burst instantly.

The process of paper bag cookery is simple and not difficult to proceed with. You just need to be careful about how to proceed. If you are not sure of the process, you can watch this video: http://bit.ly/2zsOiYl  You will see how easy and amazing it is to cook in plain paper bags. Find below some food recipes you can cook with paper bags.  




Who doesn’t love Popcorns? Cooking Popcorn in paper bags is the easiest method one could adopt. No need for big machines. Gather the following ingredients:


1/4 cup popcorn kernels

1/2 teaspoon oil

1/2 teaspoon salt

How to proceed? Place the popcorn in the bag, combine with salt and oil. Seal the paper and put in microwave for 2 minutes. Turn off the microwave when you hear the popping sounds. Add your preferred seasoning and shake the bag to distribute it evenly. And voila, your popcorn is ready.  


plain paper bags cookery chicken



Did you know that you can cook a whole chicken in paper bags? Yes, it is indeed possible. Moreover, you won’t have to clean a greasy oven.  


1 whole chicken

Salt and pepper, to taste

2 tablespoons chilli powder

1 tbs cumin

1 tbs garlic powder

2 limes, juiced

1 grocery-size brown paper bag

How to proceed? Heat your oven to 400 degrees F. In the meantime, clean and dry the chicken. Season the outside and inside of the chicken with salt and pepper and then add the chilli powder, cumin, and garlic. Squeeze the lime juice over the chicken. Grease the paper bag a bit. Once done, place the chicken in the paper bag and seal the bag. Place on a baking sheet and bake for 1 hour and 30 mins. Remove the sheet, use a pair of scissors to open the bag and serve hot.  



If you are on a diet, how about eating steamed asparagus? Yes, our paper bags can contribute a lot to your diet journey.  


1-pound medium asparagus, tough ends trimmed

Virgin olive oil

Salt to taste and black pepper

1/2 lemon, sliced paper thin

1 bay leaf


How to proceed? Heat your oven to 350 degrees F. Put the asparagus in the bag and grease the paper bag. Season with pepper and salt, once done add the lemon slices and bay leaf in the bag. Seal the bag and place it on the baking sheet. Bake for 20 – 25 minutes. Remove the asparagus and serve hot.

Try out these amazing recipes and Bon Appetit! There are many other cooking recipes you can cook by just using our plain paper bags. Find links below for other paper bag cookery recipes:   

  1. https://goo.gl/KSDS5T
  2. https://goo.gl/C1w7yV
  3. https://goo.gl/1fCRFo
  4. https://goo.gl/judyFA


Brown paper bags for your Halloween crafts!

Use our brown paper bags for your Halloween crafts!

brown paper bags

Gather all your brown paper bags, Halloween is on its way! Halloween is an occasion celebrated each year on 31st of October in several countries. Originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, on this day, people light bonfires outside their house and would wear scary costumes, this was done with the sole intention of warding off ghosts. It was more like a ritual they had to follow. We are now in this modern era where Halloween has been constantly evolving which eventually introduced activities like trick or treating, watching scary movies, playing pranks, telling scary stories, visiting haunted houses, parties, carving jack-o-lanterns, crafting costumes and decorations. With people becoming creative, Halloween today is more and more about costumes, decorations, and candies.  

Halloween Mask

Our paper bags come in handy when it concerns crafting. If you wish to celebrate Halloween in a totally unique and different way this year, then continue reading and we’ll guide you through how you can use our brown paper bags to celebrate this occasion. First thing first, when we speak of Halloween, we start thinking about the amazing and scariest costumes we could wear. Why wasting money on expensive costumes when you can create your own homemade costumes with our paper bags? Remember that brown bag from the grocery store?  Now think of it as your Halloween mask, hard to imagine, right? Scary ghost, monsters, ghouls, zombies or villainous head masks make great additions to Halloween costumes. Make sure that the masks are breathable. Time to bring out your creativity, scissors, crayons, other crafting supplies and start designing your scary Halloween mask.

brown paper bags

Halloween Luminaries

Not to forget, Halloween is also about welcoming the trick or treaters kids and families to your house. But how to give them that Halloween atmosphere feeling? Heard of Halloween luminaries? Brown paper bags can be used to craft some Halloween luminaries. If you place these luminaries outside in your garden, trick-or-treaters will know that they are the most welcomed at your house when they spot the luminaries. You can either have printable Halloween luminaries or put some decorative holes in the bag and place them where you want. The process is just to cut, print, tape or craft. To give the feeling that the house is haunted, have spiders, zombies, bats or ghosts printed on the paper bags. Cats and ghosts are depicted as the most fearsome ones. Gather around with your family, grab some paper bags and start crafting spooktacular Halloween luminary paper bags. Consider using led candle instead of real ones in order to avoid fire hazards.

brown paper bags

On Halloween, people dress up in their costumes and go door to door asking for food and money and this activity is known as the ‘trick-or-treat’ tradition. Now, Halloween is more for kids and about getting candies or money for candies. When Halloween approaches, kids start making a list of names of their neighbours they would visit to collect candies. Their candy boxes should be far and foremost the cutest ones. If our brown paper bags make the best book covers, they sure are best suited for beautiful and creative treat candy bags as well. Halloween bags are cute and easy to make. If you are short on ideas, you can easily browse the Internet and look for some creative candy paper bags. Make your little one happy by transforming their paper lunch bag into a spooky Halloween monster bag. You can craft scary, zombies, monsters, skulls for Halloween treat bags depending on your preferences. So, “trick or treat, smell my feet give me something good to eat.”

Brown Paper Bags Trick or Treat

brown paper bags

Holy Moly! Halloween is just around the corner, collect all the brown paper bags you have out there and start crafting. As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, Halloween is getting closer and forth your crafts should be oveready! There are tons of crafts that you can make using grocery paper bag, lunch paper bag, and any of our paper bags. The fact that our eco-conscious bags are versatile, non-toxic and of high-quality paper, it would not be an issue for you to make beautiful Halloween crafts out of them. Pinterest is a great platform where you could find Halloween crafts ideas. Also, find some links below helping you to make some amazing crafts:

  1. https://happyhooligans.ca/35-very-cool-things-to-make-with-a-paper-bag/
  2. http://www.woojr.com/easy-halloween-handprint-crafts/
  3. http://asubtlerevelry.com/5-easy-paper-bag-halloween-costumes/


When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers ’tis near Halloween. Happy Halloween Folks!

eco-friendly packaging

Why should brands shift to eco-friendly packaging?

Eco-friendly Packaging! What about it? You must have heard about it numerous times and decided to shift to eco-friendly bags. Let’s dig a little deeper about this type of packaging. Sustainable packaging is not only a trend but as well as a necessity. Consumers leaving their favourite retail stores with their clothes in personalized paper bags, keeping bread or foods in eco-friendly takeaways and now that they are also considering eco-friendly gift bags, this shift has somehow become a part of their routine life. Eco-conscious packaging is used for several products be it for bakery, meat, fruits, foods, medical products, and much more. Eventually, consumers are using eco-friendly products and choosing green packaging in an attempt to make a difference.  


How does all of this have an impact on brands?  

More and more brands are now opting for green packaging and consider it as their responsibility to find the right packaging for their customers. Before reaching the conclusion as to why should brands shift to eco packaging, let us have a look at some basic facts on this type of packaging. Eco-friendly packaging or you may say ‘earth friendly’ packaging is derived from recycled materials which prevent the waste of natural resources. Eco-friendly paper bags are highly biodegradable. Biodegradable packaging is made from renewable raw materials which are safe in production and can be decomposed back, therefore helping in conserving resources such as energy and water.  


Why should brands opt for sustainable packaging?  

Brands are adopting eco-friendly packaging that would have less of an impact on the ecosystem. Other than being harmless to our natural surroundings, there are several benefits when opting for this type of packaging. One important benefit of switching to an environmentally friendly packaging is that it will have an impact on your targeted customers. The eco-friendly topic has become a common buzz among the audience, thus increasing the demands for personalized paper bags, brown paper bags, printed paper bags and other green packagings in the market.


Customers are more and more eco-conscious hence, they are turning to brands offering them eco-friendly products. Due to their self-catering nature and their commitment towards the environment, customers are insisting that brands should be conscious about eco-friendly packaging, resulting in pulling customers closer to them. Considering and using eco-conscious packaging is just another step to attracting and retaining your targeted audience. Sustainable packaging improves your brand’s image and well as its reputation, thus leading to an increase in sales and maximising profits. Recyclable and renewable materials can be advantageous to both the customers and the brand.


Our goal is to design and to create appealing eco-conscious packaging helping both the audience and brands to maintain sustainability. The fact that green packaging can be recycled, reused and is biodegradable, the environment would not be harmed.  Carrying plastic bags when doing our groceries and shopping, the act of storing big plastics bags filled with other small plastic bags, this used to be part of our norm and culture. In the advent of changing this norm, ecological paper bags became prominent and were promoted in several countries, including Mauritius. Here are some highlights on how your brand can adopt our eco-friendly packaging for their products:


eco-conscious packaging

Eco-friendly carton boxes: Our carton boxes be it candy boxes, tissue paper boxes, food boxes, medical boxes, gifts boxes and much more are made from recycled materials. Our high plain and printed carton boxes vary according to sizes and shapes. These boxes are personalized and designed to meet your needs, to ensure the safety of our natural surroundings and to promote your brand.  

Eco-friendly bags and gift paper bags: When packing your products, it is important to know if the packaging is safe to you and to your customers. We offer you with ‘biodegradable plastic’ and use friendly paper bags which customers can use occasionally. Our packaging bags are not just user-friendly but most importantly it guarantees the safety of your products, your brand’s reputation, and your customers’ convenience.

Eco-friendly cups: If you are for eco-friendly products, then our environmentally friendly cups are what you are looking for. From coffee shops to restaurants, our wide range of quality paper cup meets the requirements of our clients. Our paper cups are recyclable, eco-friendly and are designed and customized as per your brand’s needs, making it ideal for both cold and hot beverages.   


What you need to know about the eco-friendly packaging is that:

  • Using paper bags, paper cups or any other eco-friendly products help in preserving our nature a little longer than we may think.  
  • This type of packaging does not contribute to land, air and water pollution.  
  • Derived and made from natural resources, the eco packaging does not cause any health issues compared to plastic and artificial products.  



Keeping in mind the safety of the natural surroundings and our clients’ needs, Explast Ltd offers the best in eco-friendly quality packaging. Our packaging is not only 100% ecological but as well as biodegradable. Our team and experts in eco-conscious packaging deliver the best suitable for your boutiques, retail stores, takeaways and gift shops as per your needs and packaging solutions.  Make eco-friendly packaging a must. Don’t just consider it, make it your PRIORITY!

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Happy Diwali

Paper Bags for Divali! Let’s celebrate an Eco-Friendly Divali!

Paper Bags For Divali? Is it worth considering? Divali, the festival of lights is just around the corner and people have already started with the arrangements. Divali is considered as one of the vital and brightest festivals in Mauritius. It is an event where Hindus and other cultures in Mauritius gather together and bond to celebrate this festival. The sharing of cakes in the neighbourhood is something very common. Hindus celebrate Divali by lighting oil lamps also known as ‘Diyas’ and place it in every corner of their house with the purpose of eliminating darkness and illuminating our heart and mind. Celebrating Divali involves the buying of lights, candles, and oil lamps but did you know that you can make your own Divali decorations using paper? You went to do some shopping and eventually returned home with your paper bags full of clothes and groceries, what’s next? 


What if you could use these bags to make some beautiful Divali decorations? You can start making it your priority that most of the things you are purchasing during the time of Divali can be recycled and reused.  People are now more aware of our eco-system being affected and thus they are trying to bring new ideas of how to keep the environment safe and clean. With the aim of protecting the nature, many geniuses have found new creative and innovative ideas of how to use paper bags as a luminary decoration for Divali. These bags can easily add a heart whelming atmosphere and bring radiance to your surroundings.


Paper Bags - Diwali Decoration


When we speak of Divali, giving gifts and sharing cakes come straight to our mind. Long ago, people used to keep Divali cakes in plastic bags when sharing, but gradually people became more and more eco-conscious which lead to the introduction of paper boxes. Explast offers you the opportunity to share your cakes in not just customized paper boxes but as well as customized paper bags which are best suited for occasions like Divali. The term ‘green environment’ is spreading across the globe and it is high time for us to take the initiative and help in saving our environment. Using oil lamps to light up your house or sharing cakes in plastic bags on this very day are not the only options you could consider. Our bags come in handy when it concerns crafting.


Divali Paper Bag For Cakes


There are many video tutorials on to how to make crafts using paper bags. Paper is considered as the most useful element when it comes to crafting as it can be used in several ways. You can make paper bag lantern similarly to glass jar lanterns. You can easily customise our bags by giving it your own creative personal touch and turn it to beautiful lanterns, luminaries, pouch, bags, cards, and envelopes. As for luminary decorations, you could make decorative holes in the bags, use safety pins and tapes if necessary and put candles inside. And voila, you can start placing them all around your house. Be sure of the candle you are using to avoid fire disasters. Create more paper luminaries and lanterns as much as you can to make your house look even more bright, beautiful and exceptional.


The fact that our bags are made from high-quality paper, it would be perfect and suitable for you to use it to craft some attractive Divali decorations. Here’s an interesting article giving ideas on how you could design beautiful Divali decorations using paper bags for lanterns. The goal of Explast is to build awareness about an Eco-friendly environment and inspire others to celebrate festivals like Divali in an environmentally friendly way. So, let’s start by you!