Eco-friendly paper bags – 14 best ways to use it!

Clever Uses of Eco-friendly paper bags

eco-friendly paper bags

Do you have a pile of eco-friendly paper bags at home lying somewhere tucked under your kitchen table or stashed away in your cupboard? If yes, well then it is time for you to remove them and start creating some beautiful and innovative crafts that would be helpful to you. There are various ways that our paper bags can be useful to you. Be it craft projects or household, party and office solutions, our paper bags have proven to be useful on several different occasions for different purposes. Our eco-friendly bag is not just about recycling but also about reusing them. You can transform our eco-friendly paper bags into various amazing things that you might not have thought about.  

Textbook Cover and Copybook Cover:  

Parents do not need to buy book cover in libraries nowadays. With school starting in January, you can start stocking all the paper bags you receive from the market and use them as book covers for your kids’ school books. This way the book will be protected from any kind of dirt. You can also personalize the cover for your kids to love it even more and to differentiate their books from their schoolmates.   

Ripen your fruits with our eco-friendly paper bags:  

Another amazing benefit of using our eco-friendly paper bags is that it can be used to ripen your fruits. Place fruits like bananas, tomatoes, and avocados and seal the top of the bag. After a day or maybe two depending on the fruit, you will have ripe fruits ready to be eaten. This method is known as a basic kitchen trick. On a side note, when mushrooms are kept in an eco-friendly bag and stored in the fridge, it keeps the mushrooms fresh longer.   

Decorative Table Placemats:

You’ll be surprised to know that our eco-friendly paper bags are great to use as placemats. With a little of cutting and weaving, you can create beautiful placemat for your kitchen table when serving food.  

Your new cooking tool:

If you are on your way to camping, grab some eggs, bacon, and chicken and bring along some of our eco-friendly bags. Paper bags are considered as picnic utensil holder. Shocking as it may be, you can prepare your breakfast and even cook your dinner in our paper bags. Here’s how!

eco-friendly bags

No need for big machines to prepare Popcorn:

You can now prepare your own popcorn. Our eco-friendly paper bags give you the opportunity to prepare popcorn in five minutes. Yes, you read it right! Click on this link to know how to prepare a paper bag microwave popcorn.  

Paper Bag Vase:

And yes, you can easily display your flowers differently and beautifully using our eco-friendly paper bags. Again, you can personalize the paper vase. You don’t even have to gift your friend any glass vase. Soil or an empty bottle kept inside the bag will help the flowers to stay still.  

Create your own decorative wrapping gift paper:

Planning on giving someone a gift and you don’t have gift wrapping paper? No worries. We got you covered! No need to spend money, just take out your coloured pens, paints, ribbons, scissors, glue and other decorative materials that you can use to add your own personalized touch to the paper bag. Use our paper bags to wrap all your gifts. Christmas’ coming soon! Make the gift of your loved ones even more special by personalizing our eco-friendly paper bags.

Design your own Scrapbook:

Our eco-friendly paper bags come in handy when it concerns keeping all your favourite memories in an album. Instead of buying expensive scrapbook supplies, you can easily design your own scrapbook with our paper bags. Have a look at this video to have an idea on how you can craft your own scrapbook.

Festive luminaries paper bags:

Decorating your house on festive occasions like Divali, Halloween and Christmas have now become a norm. You can easily turn our eco-friendly paper bags into festive luminaries’. These luminaries will add an exceptional glow to your house or to the place you are hosting the party. Paper bags lanterns are ideal to create a wonderful atmosphere. Wondering how to create luminary bags. Have a look at this article here:

Create our own decorative paper bags flowers and butterfly:

Decorating your home with our paper bags is another amazing clever use to discover. You can easily transform our paper bags into paper flowers and paper bags with the help of online tutorials. The paper bags decoration will look great wherever you place them.  

Envelopes of all sizes:

You can now create brown paper envelopes. Instead of using or buying the white ones, you can use our eco-friendly paper bags to craft one. You are free to choose the dimension or to add any kind of artwork on it. Brown paper bags envelopes look way many professionals than the white ones.  

eco-friendly bags

Your new wallet:

Your wallet is old and it’s time to get rid of it? Do it right away as you can now create your own wallet with the help of your eco-friendly paper bags. How? It is indeed possible. You can easily create one using our paper bags with fun fabrics, plain jeans, or shirt. It is a great way to reuse paper bags. Here’s an example of how you could create your own paper bag wallet:  

Make a Kite for your kids:

Crazy as it may sound, you can actually create a kite for your kids with the help of our eco-friendly paper bags. Create holes in each corner of the bag, tie some strings and tie them together and decorate with markers, paints, stickers and other things you wish to add. Please add light decorations to the bags, else the bag will be too heavy to be able to fly in the wind. Throw the bag in the air and start guiding it with the help of the strings. The bag can easily trap the wind due to its open shape. Choose our paper bags if you want a perfect kite.  

Costumes and masks:

Our eco-friendly paper bags can make a great costume for you and your kids. They are useful especially on days like Halloween. Paper bags make are best suited for Halloween decoration, crafting, treat bags, costumes, and scary masks. Here’s a link guiding you how to use our paper bags on Halloween.  

There are many ideas of how you can use our eco-friendly paper bags. These are just a few of them that we listed here. Our paper bags can make wonders without you even realizing it. All you need to do it to remember that our paper bags have a lot of other uses than just being used for groceries or shopping. Now that you know how our paper bags can help you, you will surely start realizing the importance of paper bags in our daily life and thus wish that you had even more.