What does Explast do?

Explast Ltd is in the manufacturing of plastic and box packaging. Explast Ltd supplies

a various range of plastic films and bags of different substrates such as LDPE, PE, PP,

HDPE, (as well as laminated substrates to suit your application). We are experts in

manufacturing of plastic bags, packaging, films, tubing, and shrink packaging in the

plastic industry. We make plain and printed box packaging for different sector in


How has Explast become a leader in the industry?

Established in 1984, Explast Ltd soon became one of the leading Mauritian

producers of high quality printed plastic packaging and polybag. At Explast we

maintain an active awareness of the latest research and development in order to

advise on attitude towards plastic and box packaging in terms of sustainability,

product safety and environment.

How does Explast use technology to better serve customers?

At Explast, we are constantly investing in the latest machinery since quality and service of

customers are our utmost priority.

Explast Ltd offer unlimited customise bags available in rainbow of colors with our high tech-


New technology at the service of our clients:

  •  Sophisticated 8 colour Flexo printing machine
  • Carint, Italian 6 colour C.I Flexo, printing machine
  • Kuhne Extruder Machine with Rotary Die (Germany)

What is plastic packaging?

Plastic packaging is made of resin which is called polymer. The most common

plastic available for packaging are polyethylene terephthalate, 2) high density

polyethylene, 3) polyvinyl chloride, 4) low density polyethylene, 5)

polypropylene, 6) polystyrene and 7) other. The resins often are identified by

their acronyms: 1) PET, 2) HDPE, 3) PVC, 4) LDPE, 5) PP, 6) PS and 7

What is Carton Box Packaging?

Carton is a box or container usually made of paperboard and sometimes of

corrugated fiberboard. The cartons boxes are used as packaging. A carton box

packaging is suitable for food, pharmaceuticals, hardware, and many other types

of products.

For which product plastic packaging is appropriate?

Plastic packaging is suitable for:




For which product carton packaging is appropriate?





Cleaning product

Which types of products Explast is specialised for?



What materials are used in our plastic packaging?

Plastic packagings are made from virgin polymer.

What materials are used in our carton packaging?

Our Carton is Virgin as well as 100% recycled paper