Kraft paper bags! Is it important to your business?    


Kraft paper bags

How Kraft paper bags can be important to your business?    

Kraft paper bags are basically used for packaging solutions. Businesses are always on the lookout of a refined packaging to make their products look good and for a better brand image. Kraft paper bags are known to be a flexible packaging option as well as a durable one for brand’s products.  You must have noticed that spices, pastries, bread, dried fruits, and nuts are packed in paper bags. Served for multi purposes, paper bags can help various type of business industries in different ways. The fact that people are becoming more and more eco-conscious, Kraft paper bags are finding their ways in the market and are gaining popularity among consumers.       


Why choose Explast Ltd for your packaging solutions?   

Explast Ltd is one of the leading packaging industries in the making of Kraft Paper bags in Mauritius. Here at Explast Ltd, we sell Kraft paper bags with and without twisted handles, available in white and brown colours. Our paper bags are available for printing and are customizable with your given logo and design. You send us your logo, artwork and required dimension, we do the rest for you.  There are many reasons behind why people and businesses are opting for Kraft paper bags as a packaging option. Let’s list some of the reasons to you and the advantages of using Kraft paper bags along.

Kraft paper bags

As a business, you need to take into consideration that your customers are now turning to sustainable products, thus they would be expecting you to also contribute to the safety of the environment. In other words, you as a business, you should make Kraft paper packaging your top PRIORITY.   

  1. Paper bags are derived from easily regrown resources.  
  2. The fact that they are biodegradable, Kraft paper bags do not contribute to landfill pollution.  
  3. Bearing in mind the term ‘green environment’, our Kraft paper bags are eco-friendly and 100 % recyclable.  
  4. Contain a high percentage of post-consumer recycled material.


What makes our Kraft paper bags unique? Brands wanting to personalized their products can opt for Kraft packaging solutions as our paper bags can be easily customized.   

  1. Kraft paper bags are highly printable.  
  2. Our paper bags are flexible and not crumpled easily, making it easy for brand’s logo and artwork to stand out beautifully and clearly, thus making it appealing to customers.  
  3. Once your brand’s logo and artwork have been printed on the bag, our Kraft paper bags become attractive enough to serve as a cost-effective promoter.   
  4. Our paper bags come in different dimensions and sizes making it easy for customization.  


Our Kraft paper bags allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Food and clothes are considered as the products needing Kraft packaging the most.   

  1. Our Kraft paper bags are strong and versatile.    
  2. Best suited for your groceries, our 100% recycled paper bags can hold up to 10 kg.    
  3. Food can be stored without having to worry about stains or odours making our paper bags convenient to have direct contact with food.    
  4. Our Kraft paper bags help your food remain fresh and retain the food flavours as well.   
  5. It gives your product a more professional, appealing and sophisticated look.   


Considered as the perfect alternative to plastic bag, we make sure that our Kraft paper bags are strong, printable, safe and functional as expected by our clients. You must be wondering what makes Kraft paper so safe? Let’s answer your big question which is ‘HOW IS KRAFT PAPER MADE AND HOW IS IT SAFE?’ Kraft paper is made from primary fibres derived from softwood by the Kraft process. Fibers are what provide the paper strength and chemicals are added the increase the strength of the paper even more. Eventually, the Kraft process is done for converting wood into wood pulp which consists pure cellulose fibres – the main component of paper obtained through this process.    

Kraft paper bags

Now it’s your turn!

With the goal to contribute to environmental protection, Kraft paper bags are currently the most popular packaging option adopted both locally and internationally. Famous brands like McDonald, KFC, Nike, and many others are using paper bags to pack their products. Kraft paper bags are highly used in malls, supermarkets, shops, shoe and clothing stores which help in facilitating customers bring home their purchased goods. Promote your brand through our custom paper bags, this way you can easily spread brand loyalty and familiarity amongst your targeted audience. Not to forget, paper bags come in handy when it concerns crafting. Have a look on to how you can use our paper bags to have beautiful decorative crafts. Our experts at Explast Ltd ensure that you find the perfect Kraft paper bags which will suit your business. Customize your customer carrier bags through our high-quality Kraft paper and you won’t be disappointed!

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