Paper bag decoration for birthday parties

6 DIY paper bag decoration 

paper bag decoration

Paper bag decoration comes in handy when hosting a birthday party. What comes to your mind when you think of using paper bags to decorate your house or a party? Think of the amazing DIY you can create and craft using our paper bags. There is a lot do to and to spend when there is a birthday party. Plates, papers, plastics, clothes, foods and much more generate trash which is annoying indeed. Our paper bag can help celebrate a green birthday as well do some savings.

Do you know that our paper bags can actually be used in various different ways when organizing a party? You must be wondering how? Let’s dig a little deeper to how our paper bags can help you organize a successful and awesome birthday event for your kids.

Paper bag birthday card invitation: 

The first thing we think of when hosting a birthday party is our guest list. As long as the names add up to the list, we start counting the number of card invitations needed. Believe it or not, card invitation from stores and libraries can be costly, especially if your guest list is long. If you have a stock of our paper bags piled up somewhere, you can start designing and personalizing your own invitation card. The card does not need to be big in size, it can be small and cute at the same time. Think about it! You will save money plus develop your inner crafting skills.

star decoration

Star paper bag decoration:

Star DIY decoration can be made from our paper lunch bag and fit perfectly to your birthday party. Quick and easy as it is, the paper stars can be hung from the ceiling as well as stuck to the wall. Plus the benefits one gets when using our white and kraft paper bag is that the bag can be personalized as per your taste. If you wish to draw, paint or do some beautiful design on the star paper bag decoration, it will make it even more unique. Hand them to your kids and let them bring out their artistic skills. The materials needed for the star decor are scissors, rulers, pencil or pen, paper lunch bag, thread, glue, paint and even glitters.  Here’s a link guiding you how to proceed with star paper bag decoration crafting:

Crown paper bag decoration:

You are hosting a themed birthday party for your little princess and you are confused? No worries, our paper bags is to your rescue. Girls love fairy tales and love being treated like a princess. Why not fulfilling their wish? Give your little girl a princess outfit on her special day. The important part of the princess outfit is the crown. Kids love crafting more than you can imagine. Craft a crown for them using our paper bags and let them decorate it on their own. You’ll be amazed to see the wonders these little artists can actually do.

crown paper bag


Gift paper bag decoration:

You are invited to a birthday party, the party is just about to start and you do not have any gift wrapping paper. Remember the paper bag you got when purchasing your groceries? Grab it and start crafting your own gift wrapping paper. Glitters and paint will add an exceptional touch to it, making it even more special than expensive wrapping paper that we get from stores.

Goody paper bag decoration:

Resistant as it is, our paper bag is ideal to keep pastries and confectioneries. Sweets and pastries are often shared during birthday parties. Let your kids’ friends take home sweet desserts in personalized goody bags. This will make the birthday party of your little one even more unique. It is said snacks, pastries, and nuts are recommended to be kept in paper bags for their flavours and freshness to be retained.

paper bag

Thank you paper bag decoration:

To make your party even more exceptional, you can have thank you bags filled with treats and a sweet note.

These were just a few of the paper bag decoration one can use for a birthday party. The good thing about paper bags is that it can be used on many occasions. Paper bags can help celebrate an eco-friendly birthday.