Happy Diwali

Paper Bags for Divali! Let’s celebrate an Eco-Friendly Divali!

Paper Bags For Divali? Is it worth considering? Divali, the festival of lights is just around the corner and people have already started with the arrangements. Divali is considered as one of the vital and brightest festivals in Mauritius. It is an event where Hindus and other cultures in Mauritius gather together and bond to celebrate this festival. The sharing of cakes in the neighbourhood is something very common. Hindus celebrate Divali by lighting oil lamps also known as ‘Diyas’ and place it in every corner of their house with the purpose of eliminating darkness and illuminating our heart and mind. Celebrating Divali involves the buying of lights, candles, and oil lamps but did you know that you can make your own Divali decorations using paper? You went to do some shopping and eventually returned home with your paper bags full of clothes and groceries, what’s next? 


What if you could use these bags to make some beautiful Divali decorations? You can start making it your priority that most of the things you are purchasing during the time of Divali can be recycled and reused.  People are now more aware of our eco-system being affected and thus they are trying to bring new ideas of how to keep the environment safe and clean. With the aim of protecting the nature, many geniuses have found new creative and innovative ideas of how to use paper bags as a luminary decoration for Divali. These bags can easily add a heart whelming atmosphere and bring radiance to your surroundings.


Paper Bags - Diwali Decoration


When we speak of Divali, giving gifts and sharing cakes come straight to our mind. Long ago, people used to keep Divali cakes in plastic bags when sharing, but gradually people became more and more eco-conscious which lead to the introduction of paper boxes. Explast offers you the opportunity to share your cakes in not just customized paper boxes but as well as customized paper bags which are best suited for occasions like Divali. The term ‘green environment’ is spreading across the globe and it is high time for us to take the initiative and help in saving our environment. Using oil lamps to light up your house or sharing cakes in plastic bags on this very day are not the only options you could consider. Our bags come in handy when it concerns crafting.


Divali Paper Bag For Cakes


There are many video tutorials on to how to make crafts using paper bags. Paper is considered as the most useful element when it comes to crafting as it can be used in several ways. You can make paper bag lantern similarly to glass jar lanterns. You can easily customise our bags by giving it your own creative personal touch and turn it to beautiful lanterns, luminaries, pouch, bags, cards, and envelopes. As for luminary decorations, you could make decorative holes in the bags, use safety pins and tapes if necessary and put candles inside. And voila, you can start placing them all around your house. Be sure of the candle you are using to avoid fire disasters. Create more paper luminaries and lanterns as much as you can to make your house look even more bright, beautiful and exceptional.


The fact that our bags are made from high-quality paper, it would be perfect and suitable for you to use it to craft some attractive Divali decorations. Here’s an interesting article giving ideas on how you could design beautiful Divali decorations using paper bags for lanterns. The goal of Explast is to build awareness about an Eco-friendly environment and inspire others to celebrate festivals like Divali in an environmentally friendly way. So, let’s start by you!