Recycled Paper Bag Christmas Decoration Ideas!

5 Recycled Paper Bag Christmas Decoration Ideas!

recycled paper bag

Few days left for Christmas. While some are busy doing shopping, some are busy cleaning and decorating their houses. Our recycled paper bag is always present where there’s a need for decoration. From lunch paper bag crafts to Halloween crafts, recycled paper bags are a great way to display your creativity and do some budget savings as well. Our recycled paper bag can do way much more than just being used as shopping or groceries bags.


Christmas Tree:

The first thing that comes to our mind is a Christmas tree. Almost everyone buys a Christmas tree and place it in their living room to decorate and to create that Christmas ambience, but did you know that you could create your own DIY Christmas tree using our recycled paper bag? Shocking as it may sound, if you decide to go full on eco-friendly and celebrate an eco Christmas, then a brown paper Christmas tree is a must. One can create a personalized Christmas paper tree to the size he or she wants. All depends on how big you want the tree to be. Thick and durable as it is, our recycled paper bag can hold to the shape you want it to be. So gather all the paper bags you have been getting from groceries and shopping and get going!  Here is a link to guide you on how you could craft your own Christmas paper tree.

Christmas Tree

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Recycled paper bag garland:

A garland is something that one would want to miss. No need to spend a fortune on expensive garlands anymore. Our recycled paper bag can be used to make some amazing DIY garland. You can customize the garlands as per your tastes and preferences. Stars, Gingerman, or triangles, the garland can be designed in various shapes one wishes. All you need is a pair of scissors, paint, glitters, glue, and rope to proceed with the garland craft. You can hang it on the wall next to your Christmas paper tree once completed. Here’s a link to help you creating Christmas garland:


Christmas card:

Don’t throw away the recycled paper bag that you have in stock. The texture and the brown color of the paper bags are beautiful enough to craft holiday Christmas decorations. The paper bags can be used to make party card invitations, birthday cards, and even cute paper bag Christmas cards. The fun part is when you get to paint it, draw on it, color and add other crafty decorations to the paper bag card. Close your eyes for a minute and think of how you want to design the Christmas card and get to work.


Paper bag gift wrapping:

Brown paper gift wrapping is far easier and cuter than that one buys from the store. It is a great way to save money when you have a pile of grocery bags or lunch bags at home. Our recycled paper bag can easily be combined with leftover wrapping paper gifts. Kraft paper gift wrap is used for oddly shaped gifts. One of the things that people love about Christmas is having tons of gifts wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree. Here’s a link to give you an idea on how kraft paper bag gift wrapping is indeed attractive and worth it:


Christmas Luminaries:

You are satisfied with your Christmas paper bags decoration and now you are left with an outdoor decoration. You’re thinking hard, scratching your head and thinking how could you use a recycled paper bag to decorate your garden.  You must have heard or come across luminary paper bags. If not, then get ready to be amazed by the wonders our paper bags can do. Looking for an easy outdoor decoration, keep a stock of lunch paper bags. Create beautifully designed holes and fill it with soil so that the bag does not fall or get flown away with winds. Put led candles in the bags and line them all the way to your front door. Why led candle? To avoid fire disasters. These luminary paper bags will welcome your guest is the most heartwarming way.

luminary bag

These were some of the decorative recycled paper bags that you could craft for Christmas. Our recycled paper bag gives you endless ideas and possibilities to craft some beautiful decors. On this note, as we speak of Christmas, it is known as the peak shopping season. People are buying clothes for their loved ones and for themselves. When it comes to Christmas, Explast Ltd provides you with a 100% eco-friendly recycled paper bag with a personalized Christmas design for you to please your customers. Have a look at our Christmas paper bag on this link and send us or order.